Essay 1 — One True Love

1 — One True Love 10/08/2014

I had one true love, though she never knew the way I felt. She was funny, loved to read, smart, and attracted me like a bee to pollen. I could never tell her how I felt, only hang around on the edges of the group, watching, listening; hoping she would notice me the way I did her. Whenever I saw her my heart would skip beats, my hands grew sweaty and there was an ache deep inside. “Look at me, please! Give me a sign you feel the way I do!” I would scream in my mind, while on the outside I smiled and nodded at what she said and did. I lost contact with her as the group grew apart, going their separate ways. I saw a picture of her years later, happy with another woman and I couldn’t help wish that woman was me. She still causes the ache within me and I mourn for what could have been.

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