The 2019 Interview Series Featuring Kimberly Wenzler

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You’re invited to a dinner party, are you: The center of attention Off in a corner talking to one or two people Standing by the door waiting for a chance to leave At home…

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The 2019 Interview Series Featuring C.S. Boyack

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What is your most interesting writing quirk? Honestly, it’s bulldogs. I own two, Frankie and Otto. Otto weighs in at 65-70 pounds, and Frankie seems to hold steady at 55. They relate to my…

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This Week in Indie Publishing

Author Don Massenzio

Independent writers are choosing their own paths to success

Until recently, if you were a writer who had a novel or other work, there was essentially a single path to follow: you tried to find an agent who liked your writing, and who would be able to sell it to a publisher. The process could take months or years — assuming you were able to get on that merry-go-round at all.

David Gaughran, author ofLet’s Get Digitaland other books about self-publishing, tried that route when he wrote his first novel about 11 years ago. It was an exasperating experience.

“I spent about 18 months querying every agent that I could find in the English-language world and didn’t really get anywhere,” Gaughran says. He was frustrated enough that he thought about giving up. “But then I started looking at self-publishing.”

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O, You Winsome Devil You

Writers Envy

O, you winsome devil, you
Grinning face turned skyward
Round about your flaming head
Laughing rays around you rise

Seeding smiles in your eyes
I cannot escape your sight
Tho heaved my girth across the sky
Your taunting likeness follows

Aboil with rage and callow
Berating heat upon your face
You laugh and turn with me
In coy defiance of my dread

In darkness is my happy bed
But light the curse upon my brow
Cooler by degrees below
In night’s darkness you lie in wait

Gathering strength for bait
You soundlessly await in sleep
With drooping head and probably
Dreaming of my fraying nerves

When rising beyond the curve
I see your grinning face anew
Your happy visage irks my mind
While traveling round in boring view

Oh, go away you winsome devil, you
And leave me to my circuit, pray
Bask in my feeding warming glow
And live…

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The 2019 Interview Series Featuring Marcia Meara

Author Don Massenzio

625smallWhat comes first in your writing, the plot or the characters?

Characters. Every time. I think about someone that would probably have an interesting story to tell, like an eco-tour boat captain and a wildlife photographer. I know they’ll provide me with lots of background I’m familiar with, and I have a feel for who they are before I begin to build a mystery or drama around them.

In the case of my second Wake-Robin Ridge book, A Boy Named Rabbit, a little boy alone in the wilderness came into my mind as I was falling asleep one night. I could swear I heard Sarah Gray (from Book 1) tell me he needed for his story to be told, and by the time I woke up, I knew exactly who he was and why he was alone. I went straight to the computer and started writing down every word of…

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Author Don Massenzio

It’s been a week since my new book,, was released. This was an interesting book to write. It contains three novellas that started as serials on my blog. The fourth novella is from an original story that has never been published. The intent of this story is to pull the other three together to show the ultimate goal of this corporation and the truth behind its technology.

In this post, I’m sharing the first part of this story. It’s called 3D life.

3D Life

Fifteen-year-old Jeff Beckett clicked through the web site nervously. His Uncle Steve gave him a $100 gift card and he couldn’t decide among the hundreds of thousands of things on which he could spend it. He knew whatever he picked would have to be approved by his mom. Ever since his dad left with a young analyst from his company, Mom had been…

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Three’s a Crowd by Harmony Kent – In response to my Stock Photo Challenge #stockphotochallenge

Author Don Massenzio

Three’s a Crowd

The waves lap at the pristine shore of an island thousands of miles from any mainland. My guitar washed up last week, and despite the hammering the salt waves and blazing sun gave it, a little tuning has it sounding lovely. But then, after you’ve been alone for a month, any other voice but your own is bound to sound good.

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