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Anna Dobritt is an independent eBook author and an indie publisher of RPG PDFs and fantasy maps through Cartography Unlimited for RPGs. She loves to read and write, and lives in Michigan. Anna enjoys watching Dr. Who, both the classic episodes from the 1960s-1980s and the current episodes. Anna has three trilogies in the queue: Ravynwyng Chronicles Universe – Volume 1: The Beginning has been released, and Volume 2: Discovery, is going through the editing and revision process, with plans to self-publish in 2016. Volume 3: Truth is currently being written. Two other trilogies are The Archivist — Lenara Lenquil Adventures, and the Guardian Blades Trilogy. Anna has self-published Volume 1 of the Ravynwyng Chronicles Universe titled The Beginning; three short stories: The Hunter, First Raven, Raven Voice; a novelette titled Raven Flight, and a collection of short fiction titled Whispers from Within. Where the imagination soars on glowing wings! May the words ever flow!


Turmoil The whistle and explosion shook Billy to his soul. “Incoming!” He hit the ground, hands covering his head. He belly crawled toward safety, seeing the foxhole ahead. More whistles and explosions filled the air, but the safety of the … Continue reading

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How Amazon Destroyed Publishing. Or Did It?

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
Then, Amazon came along and turned everything upside down. Including typewriters! In my previous post, How Amazon Destroyed Barnes & Noble, I explained how Amazon (alone) could not be held responsible for the bookstore’s…

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How Amazon Destroyed Barnes & Noble

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
What B&N should be like (in my dreams) I apologize for the click-bait title. I only used it because I’m fed up with that claim, especially now that Barnes & Noble were sold on…

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A Heavenly Toasters’ Relaunch

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
The more observant among you may have noticed that I have been quietly experimenting with the cover of A Heaven for Toasters. I removed the kissing couple and used a single man, curious to…

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Search & Destroy!

Search & Destroy! Sidling through the densely packed words, you close in on your target, red pen or delete button at hand. You know you can’t hesitate when you take out the target. The word you aim for must go! … Continue reading

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Shado and the Sausage

  Shado and the Sausage “Ronne, let’s go out and do something. You’ve been working on those journals for the past three days.” Shado hopped onto the desk and pecked at a pen She leaned back and stretched her arms … Continue reading

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Writing Quotes — C.K. Webb

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