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Where Have I Been?

Originally posted on Author Don Massenzio:
Sometimes you reach a point in life where you face that you are not super human. For the past four years, I’ve been able to balance working full time (and then some) along with…

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11 Ways Social Media Can Actually Benefit You as a Writer

Originally posted on Meg Dowell:
1. It’s fun to follow writers you love. You might even gather up the courage to reach out to them! (eek!) 2. Many writers, editors, and agents give helpful advice and tips on platforms like…

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Is “Said” Really Dead?

Originally posted on Allison Maruska:
A while back I did a post wondering if there are really 115 synonyms for “walk.” It was more a goofy exploration into how some of those synonyms would look in gif form than a…

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If I Had Started Writing Seriously When I Was Younger I Might Be Published Now, But Was The Younger Me Ready To Write a Book? #SundayBlogShare #Writing

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