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Is it Possible to Write More than one Book at a Time?

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This author is doing just that – writing two books at the same time. This isn’t my idea. I have been forced into writing more than one book at a time by my characters. They are…

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This Week in Indie Publishing

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Amazon self-published authors: Our books were banned for no reason In recent weeks, Amazon (AMZN) has taken down e-books written by at least six self-published novelists who say they did nothing wrong and depend…

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Why You Shouldn’t ‘Go All In’ When Starting a New Writing Project

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The excitement you feel when you’re first starting to work on a new book, blog, or series of articles is addicting. But if you’re the kind of person who starts things but abandons them within…

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Writing Quotes — Mark Twain

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Chapter 19 — The Archivist

Chapter 19 I hope I’m able to translate these runes. The beam of light revealed line upon line of runes carved into the marble walls. Here’s that seal again. So many questions and so few answers. The camera flashed when … Continue reading

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Questions for Beta Readers4

Questions for Beta Readers What is a Beta Reader? The short answer is someone who evaluates your story. Long answer; they give you feedback on your story. They are like beta testers for software, looking for bugs and problems. A … Continue reading

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