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#MotownWriters Article: Author Platform Do’s and Don’ts

Originally posted on Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network:
? It’s hard to be a human on the internet these days, let alone a professional. Our author platform engages readers on a personal level to support our business: selling books. We’re…

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These Two Sources of Help Strangely Compliment Each Other

Originally posted on Story Empire:
Hello to all the Story Empire readers! Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by the blog today. A few weeks back I wrote about obtaining help from some alpha/beta readers regarding one of my WIPS.…

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The 5 Stages of Rewriting Your Draft Novel #MondayBlogs #Writer #Comedy #TotalRewrite

Originally posted on BlondeWriteMore:
In my opinion rewriting a draft novel is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do as a writer. I have experienced many things as a writer and I have to say the…

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12 Ways to Manage Your Procrastination Problem (Because Yes, You Definitely Have One)

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? by Meg Dowell ? Why do you keep doing this. 1. Instead of setting just a deadline, also set a start date. 2. Do the hard/least desirable parts first. If the whole…

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You’ll Be Glad You Struggled

Originally posted on Novelty Revisions:
When you’re in the midst of something difficult, it’s nearly impossible to look past it. To think about what it will be like when the storm ends and the sun comes back out. The hardest…

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Novel Writing: What if it’s all for Nothing?

Originally posted on Uninspired Writers:
Good morning, creatives and creators. I hope you’ve all had a good week. Mine started slow and has ended better! In the earlier stages of the week I was having some bad writing days, and…

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13 Ways to Promote Before Publication

Originally posted on How To Ebook:
Therese Walsh 17 Comments A number of months back, I wrote an article on how to promo preorder books for Bookbub. The original piece was pared back a little, but today’s post is the whole…

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