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3 Important Things All Writers Need to Learn In Their First Year

Originally posted on Meg Dowell Writes:
Being a new aspiring writer is terrifying. It’s also extremely difficult. Many writers don’t make it past their first year — not because there isn’t plenty of advice out there on how to succeed,…

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How To: From Word to Book

Originally posted on Story Empire:
Hello SErs! Harmony here. When I posted about using Calibre to convert and edit your ePub, a couple of you asked about formatting Word ready for that conversion, and also for print. Today, I attempt…

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Prehistoric Britain Rituals

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
This is a guest post by Nicole Lewis, a freelance writer and professional blogger. Nicole is interested in academic research and writing. Rituals in Prehistoric Britain People have always wondered how their ancestors lived. With…

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Short Story/Serial Monday – First Impressions – Part 5

Originally posted on Author Don Massenzio:
This slightly longer installment was so much fun to write because it involved three intriguing characters that are emerging from this story. the first is the mysterious hacker/villain OutofDate62. We learn a bit more…

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Writers: Reasons to Seek Feedback

Originally posted on Uninspired Writers:
Morning all, I hope your week has been filled with sunshine and smiles. I’m working really hard on another round of edits at the moment, thanks to feedback from my first readers. The sheer support,…

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