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How To Survive Discovering Your Story Idea Has Been Written Before #Writers #AmWriting

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How To Deal With An Author Publishing A Novel Similar to Yours

Originally posted on WritingMad:
There I was beavering away on book three when I discovered that a well-known author might be about to publish a novel with the same central concept as mine. I had logged onto the early reviews…

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Book promotions worth your time and trouble, and some which are not (IMHO).

Originally posted on Stevie Turner:
Let’s start with the good news.  In my opinion here are a few marketing ideas / promotions which might help your book to sell better: 1.  BookBub promotions: Yes they are expensive, but most authors who get…

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You Will Rewrite. It Will Be Painful. It Will Be Worth It.

Originally posted on Meg Dowell Writes:
Everyone absolutely despises at least one part of the writing process. For some, it’s coming up with (and starting to work on) a “good” idea. For others, it’s actually finishing a writing project. And…

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10 Helpful Writing Tips

Originally posted on DSM Publications:
Tip 1: Read more than you write. I’ve published other posts about the importance of reading. In order to learn the craft of writing, you need to study those that have mastered it before you and…

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