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The Archivist — Lenara Lenquil Adventures — Chapter 4r

Chapter 4  The wind picked up as the rain moved closer. Scraps of paper and debris swirled in the street. Lennie kept an eye on the buildings to either side. People living in them could dart out into the street … Continue reading

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Writing Quotes — C. J. Cherryh

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How to Launch a Book Without a Platform: Interview with Rachel Swanson

Originally posted on How To Ebook:
A question many first-time authors ask is how to launch a book without a platform? Is it possible or do you need to build your followers first? How to Launch a Book Without a Platform:…

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The Developmental Edit: Are you (emotionally) ready? – From the Writers in the Storm Blog

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By Guest Blogger Kathryn Craft ? A developmental edit can feel a lot like sending your child to school for the first time. You’ve had several years to exert your influence on his upbringing…

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