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The Barn

The Barn “Caw! Caw! Caw!” The stillness of the morning broke with the crows sending out their call. Ben and Fred glanced towards the old barn on the edge of their property, Ben shaking his head. “Hells bells! Want to … Continue reading

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Writing Quotes — Charles Finch

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Creating Your Character

Creating Your Character I belong to a number of writing groups on Facebook and I’ve been seeing a disturbing trend. Writers and would-be writers asking for help in creating their characters. This boggles my mind. People, the story and characters … Continue reading

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How I Took Back Control of My Writing Time After Completely Losing It

Originally posted on Novelty Revisions:
I hadn’t touched my novel in almost four months. Every blog post I wrote took twice as long as it should have. I dragged myself through them day after day, because I always wished I…

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Five Marketing Tools for Authors Who Hate Marketing

Originally posted on How To Ebook:
By Grace Wynter 26 Comments Disclaimer: Hating marketing is not required to use these tools. In fact, if you enjoy marketing, you’ll have a blast using them. I’m active in several online writing communities, and one…

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But Darling

Originally posted on Writers Envy:
I’ve held the sparrow and I’ve held You Like a wastrel I squandered what You gave me Your hair trimmed in gold like leaves of the Bible Your breath like the cooing of the dove.…

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On Poetry: (are we) sprung; from Pleasant Street, Are You Thrilled

Originally posted on Writers Envy:
Please enjoy this poem by one of my favorite Poets: let us run (hard) it is not yet summer but the sun is burning my shoulder and the clouds hang back waiting for a sign…

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