The Archivist — Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Explosions rocked the site, sending debris into the air; Workers scrambled for safety; others buried beneath the debris. Lennie bolted from the trailer Nickie on her heels. “Shit.” She grabbed her phone and called Serena. “Explosion at the Lenquil site. We’ve got wounded.”

The lights illuminating the area winked out and gunfire echoed through the air. “What the hell is going on?” Nicked ducked behind some crates.

Lennie drew her weapon. “Whoever they are, they mean business.” Lennie dove behind the crates and peered around the corner. I need to find out where the gunmen are.” Her phone beeped.

Gunmen on the rise to the north. James spotted two. Police and security on their way. Aunt Serena says to be careful. Shannon.

Scanning the area, movement caught Lennie’s eye. Resting her arms on the crate, she inhaled, released half the breath, held the rest, and fired. A body clad in black hit the ground, weapon flying from numb hands. “One down, one to go. Nickie. I’m going to take you to where Shannon is, and then go after the other shooter.”

“Let me go with you, please. I like Shannon, but feel safer with you.”

Another shot rang out and a worker helping another fell. “All right. Stay close.”

Keeping low, the made their way through the site, taking cover wherever possible. I hope I can take this one alive. We need answers. Once outside the site, Lennie led the way up the rise, please with how quiet Nickie moved.

A scraping sound froze them in their tracks. Lennie motioned for Nickie to stay put while she moved forward. An outcrop of rocks and rubble blocked her view, and Lennie peered around it. A man dressed in black armed with a rifle and a handgun watched the activity below. “There’s a nice target. Idiots helping the others. They should be hiding.” He raised the rifle.

Lennie stepped behind him, and placed the barrel of her weapon against his head. “Set the rifle down and you get to live.”

He hesitated, but a soft click from a weapon being cocked changed his mind. He set the weapon down and held his hands up. “Who are you?”

“Lenara Lenquil. The people down there are my friends and co-workers. Lay face down on the ground, hands behind your head. Nickie, come here.”

She approached. “What do you want me to do?”

“Take his weapons. Once he’s tied up, I’ll contact one of the others.”

“You’re making a big mistake, Archivist. The people I work for are dangerous.”

Lennie kicked him in the ribs. “Keep your damn mouth shut. One more word and I’ll kick you in the head instead.”

James and Ben trotted into view. “Well done, Lennie. This one will have a lot of questions to answer back at the Archive.” Ben hauled the man to his feet, while James relieved Nickie of the weapons.

Bodies covered with tarps littered the area, emergency personnel tended the injured. Lennie stopped at the trailer. “I should have killed that bastard.”

Nickie stood at her side, an arm around her waist. “If you had, we might not find out who is behind this and why.”

“I know. I could use a drink about now.”


Stan Myers entered his boss’ office. “Sir, one of the men has been taken alive.”

Reginald slammed his hand on the desk. “How did that happen? I thought we hired professionals who knew how to avoid capture.”

Stan shoved his hands in his pockets. “I wouldn’t know about that, sir. Jenkins sent me to tell you.”

“Coward. He’s the one who hired them. I’ll deal with him later.” He pulled out a plan for another ruins site outside the city. “What progress has been made at the new site?”

“They’ve reached the first level and uncovered two doorways that are sealed. They want to get the sections surrounding the doorways cleared before they open them.”

“Very well. I need you to Scry our newest member to the fold. Gillian managed to convince a low level Archivist that the work here is much better with quick advancement for hard work and triple the pay.”


“Alexander Masters. A third class Archivist but one with the skill of an eidetic memory.”

“I know Alex. He always felt that Lennie received preferential treatment. He despises her.”

“We might be able to use that hatred.” Reginald waved at the door. “Dismissed.”

About Anna Dobritt

Anna Dobritt is an independent eBook author and an indie publisher of RPG PDFs and fantasy maps through Cartography Unlimited for RPGs. She loves to read and write, and lives in Michigan. Anna enjoys watching Dr. Who, both the classic episodes from the 1960s-1980s and the current episodes. Anna has three trilogies in the queue: Ravynwyng Chronicles Universe – Volume 1: The Beginning has been released, and Volume 2: Discovery, is going through the editing and revision process, with plans to self-publish in 2016. Volume 3: Truth is currently being written. Two other trilogies are The Archivist — Lenara Lenquil Adventures, and the Guardian Blades Trilogy. Anna has self-published Volume 1 of the Ravynwyng Chronicles Universe titled The Beginning; three short stories: The Hunter, First Raven, Raven Voice; a novelette titled Raven Flight, and a collection of short fiction titled Whispers from Within. Where the imagination soars on glowing wings! May the words ever flow!
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