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Point of View – Writing from a Different Perspective

Originally posted on Author Don Massenzio:
This blog post stems from my recent reading. As you know, besides writing books and short stories and recording my audio book, I am an avid reader consuming 3-4 books per month. My reading genre is…

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Improve Your Writing — Join a Great Critique Group

So there you are, putting the finishing touches on the manuscript you finished, thinking, Damn, this is good! A best seller for sure! Of course you think it’s great, after all you wrote it. What could possibly be wrong with … Continue reading

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Raven Facts — 3

In Irish Celtic folklore, ravens were mediators between the gods and the mortals. They would bring prophecies and messages between the realm of the gods and Earth. The Celtic goddess Morrigan takes the form of a raven to visit those who will … Continue reading

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