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Meet Guest Author Colleen Chesebro…

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Hi, everyone. Many thanks to Chris for his kind invitation to visit and write on his blog. It is much appreciated and a great honor. For those of you who…

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Writing Tip — 46

Writers talk about their muses, the person, or imaginary creature inspiring them to write. When their writing falters or stops, they blame their muse. To me, a muse is nothing more than an idea. There are thousands of ideas out … Continue reading

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Crime Division: How to Achieve Accuracy by Stephen Bentley

Mystery Thriller Week There is nothing so annoying as reading a book or watching a movie and finding inaccuracies in things like police and courtroom procedures.  I am not a pedant but I prefer accuracy in my own writing and … Continue reading

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Studying the Masters of Detective Fiction – III – Elmore Leonard

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Originally posted on Author Don Massenzio:
This post is the third in a series that I’ve been writing about the individuals that I view as the masters in my genre of choice, crime/detective fiction. I am a firm believer that…

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